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Young Goths ‘At Risk Of Depression’

Young Goths 'At Risk Of Depression'

Young people who identify as goths may be at increased risk of depression and self-harm, a study suggests.Researchers could not fully explain the link, but suggest a tendency for goths to distance themselves from society could play a part. They say though the vast majority of teenage goths will have...


If Your Loved One Is Hurt, There Are Options Out There

Mobility and the freedom

Mobility and the freedom to go wherever, whenever doesn’t have to end when a person is confined to a wheelchair. While some still believe that a mobility-reducing illness or accident is a sign that the days of freely going places on one’s own are over, this doesn’t have to be the case. Family members...


Low Vitamin-D Genes Linked To MS

Low Vitamin-D Genes Linked To MS

People genetically prone to low vitamin-D levels are at increased risk of multiple sclerosis, a large study suggests.The findings, based on the DNA profiles of tens of thousands of people of European descent, add weight to the theory that the sunshine vitamin plays a role in MS. Scientists are already...


MRI Scans Can Deliver Cancer Therapy

MRI scans can deliver cancer therapy

A hospital scan normally used to detect cancer could be used to steer tumour killing treatments to hard-to-reach targets in the body, say scientists. The UK team at Sheffield University deployed the magnetic power of MRI scans to control the movement of a specially designed injectable cancer therapy. Early...