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Elephants’ Low Cancer Rates Explained

Elephants' low cancer

Elephants have enhanced defences against cancer that can prevent tumours forming, say scientists.They were trying to explain why the animals have lower levels of cancer than would be expected by their size. The team at the University of Utah said “nature has already figured out how to prevent...

Women's Health

Understanding the Risks of IVF Treatment


Even though IVF has been a widely popular treatment plan and there has been a significance increase in IVF success rates , the treatment plan is not entirely exempted or free of any risks. Like any medical procedure, IVF treatment comes with some level of risk attached. For most couples, having a child...


Nobel Prize For Anti-Parasite Drug Discoveries

Nobel Prize For Anti-Parasite Drug

The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been split two ways for groundbreaking work on parasitic diseases.William C Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura found a new way of tackling infections caused by roundworm parasites. Youyou Tu shares the prize for her discovery of a therapy against malaria. The...


Asthma Steroids ‘Could Stunt Growth’

Asthma Steroids 'Could Stunt Growth'

Young children given asthma medication before the age of two may not grow to their full height in later life, a preliminary report suggests. The study of 12,000 Finnish infants found that, on average, those who used inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) long-term showed signs of stunted growth. Previous research...