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If Your Loved One Is Hurt, There Are Options Out There

Mobility and the freedom to go wherever, whenever doesn’t have to end when a person is confined to a wheelchair. While some still believe that a mobility-reducing illness or accident is a sign that the days of freely going places on one’s own are over, this doesn’t have to be the case. Family members (the ones who must inevitably care for a hurt person) often see this as a sign that their days of freedom are gone, too. Neither of these has to be the case because thanks to technological advances in the home health care industry, people are able to maintain their mobility better than ever before. With wheelchair rentals, a person can be on their own again, and their family members don’t have to constantly worry about their health and well-being.

Mobility and the freedom

According to information provided by 65,000 Canadians, a recent survey shows that mobility-reducing injuries are on the rise (with a whopping 16% of people aged 12 years or older experiencing some form of mobility-reducing injury in 2013 alone!). When a person is confined to a wheelchair, one of the first things to establish is whether this new limitation is going to be temporary or permanent. Purchasing a wheelchair for a family member who is only going to be in it for a short amount of time can get incredibly pricey. That’s where rental comes in handy. A lot of companies will work with you to find your family member the right wheel chair and work out a time frame for when they’ll need it. Another key point to remember when searching for a mobility provider is to choose one that provides one-on-one services, so that you know your loved one is getting all the support they need — after all, you want your family member to get the best wheelchair rental that they can. One-on-one service means that a person will work specifically with your ill or injured loved one and cater to their needsin a personal, hands-on way, ensuring that the choice you all make together will be the most comfortable for them. Your family member should also know when to expect their rental or purchase to arrive — after all, with limited mobility, a fixed schedule will become key. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that’s going to set up a specific time to make that delivery.

Everyone should have the option to move about as they please regardless of their age or ability — especially where illness or accidents come into play. Renting or purchasing a mobility enhancing home health care item such as a wheelchair, power scooter, chair lift, or rollator, from a trusted medical home care provider such as Miami’s Mediplus Mobility will ensure that no patient (at least not in Southern Florida) will ever be left behind. Nowadays, there are so many options for a person to get around. From busses to transportation vans, most accessibility vehicles have room for a wheelchair. Your family member will never again have to be confined to their house, which of course will be a huge relief for everyone. After all, mobility reduction is tough on both the patient and the care-giver.

Suffering from debilitating injury or illness, whether temporary or permanent, can be a terrifying experience for your loved one. That’s why it’s important to alleviate as much stress as possible. Choosing a wheelchair provider that really caters to their needs is ideal, and you want to find a provider who will focus on customer service, and offer free home delivery at an allocated time. A quality company should also offer payment plans and options, so that health is never limited by income. Financial assistance and payment plans make wheelchair rentals from Mediplus Mobility a simple and painless — and stress-free — procedure. Choosing a company that cares about the person before the bottom line will ensure that you are taken care of every step of the way. With such a wide variety of wheelchairs available, you need a home health care provider who has plenty of items in stock and who will take you through the options, helping you pick out the specific equipment you need — and only the equipment you need. If your loved one lives in the Greater Miami Area, be sure to look into Mediplus Mobility — with over 10,000 items in stock and a free informative chat line with experts on hand to answer all your questions, you know your needs and the needs of your loved one will be taken care of. Remember: it’s important to choose a home healthcare company that is knowledgeable. It’s a scary time to be confined but the right wheelchair rentals can make the transition from injury to health smooth and painless.

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