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Top Reasons Why You Need Healthcare Insurance

The Affordable Care Act states that all Americans need health insurance. The problem is that you might not want to spend money on a service you don’t use. After all, if you are a 20-something male in the prime of life, it’s understandable that you might question how relevant a health insurance policy actually is to your current requirements. Sure, you know you will get old and sick one day, but that’s ages away. In the meantime, your money could be better spent on fun things, like Spring Break trips to Cancun or extra beer at the weekend. To help you decide whether health insurance really is value for money, here are some reasons why you need it.

Healthcare Insurance

Medical Care is Expensive

It doesn’t take long for medical bills to spiral out of control. By the time you have had a battery of tests, spent months in hospital, and been recommended a drug treatment plan, you will probably owe hundreds of thousands of dollars. Would you be able to afford this kind of bill? On the other hand, would you have to file for bankruptcy?

Just because you have a clean bill of health right now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be diagnosed with cancer or have a serious accident in the future. Health insurance doesn’t cover everything, but it does protect you from horrific medical bills.

Beat the Tax

Companies like Pivot Health offer all kinds of flexible insurance plans, so it makes sense to sort your health insurance out before the 2017 deadline. If you leave it too late and you can’t afford to pay for health insurance, you will be taxed. Do you really want a bill for $695 or 2.5% of your annual income?

Prevention Is Better than Cure

The best medical care works on the principle that preventative treatment helps to keep problems to a minimum. Health insurance has to cover preventative checkups. You will be able to have well woman checks, prostate cancer screenings, vaccinations and other annual checks, all paid for by your health insurance provider. By having all these checks, you are less likely to be diagnosed with a late-stage health problem that would be costly and difficult to treat.

This is especially important in the case of maternity care. Women who attend regular maternity screenings are less likely to have high-risk births and health problems. Well-woman screenings are also useful for younger women who might want to start a family in later life.

Follow-Up Care

Without a health insurance plan in place, many hospitals will be reluctant to provide follow-up care. You will have access to emergency treatment, but if you need rehab or follow-up appointments to restore you to full health, it could be difficult to persuade a doctor to see you.

Health insurance is not something you can ignore. By the time you need medical treatment, it’s too late. Insurers won’t sign you up if you are already in the emergency room with a cancer diagnosis or compound fracture to deal with, so look at your options now and don’t delay!

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