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The States Where You’re Most Likely To Have A Health Problem

When it comes to preventive care, how does your state measure up? Today the United Health Foundation released a report that compares all 50 states based on access to health care, immunizations, and chronic disease prevention.

The states

The New England states are clear standouts: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine are ranked 1 through 6. But the report—which was put together in partnership with the American College of Preventive Medicine—is really meant to shine a spotlight on communities across the country where there are opportunities for improvement.

Below, we’ve listed the top five and bottom five states across 13 different measures, from the percentage of people with a dedicated healthcare provider to the percentage of people screened for colorectal cancer. You can check out the full report and look up your home state here.

Dedicated healthcare provider

Top 5 states:

1. Massachusetts

2. Maine

3. Vermont

4. Rhode Island

5. Delaware

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