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Start Your Own Healthy Kitchen Garden

Whether you live in a small condo with a tiny balcony or have a sprawling suburban lot, kitchen gardens are now making a comeback. Roll up your sleeves and take these tips from the experts for making your own farm to fork meals. Your options are only limited by the amount of space you have and your imagination. Unlike flower beds, vegetable and herb gardens don’t need as much attention if properly cultivated from the beginning.

Start Your Own Healthy Kitchen Garden

Let’s assume you only have a terrace or small balcony to work with. The ideal scenario is to create an herb and vegetable garden in large containers. Height and depth isn’t as important as width and surface space. Herbs and vegetables generally don’t have very deep roots and will do well in containers. The one ingredient you must have is sun. The vegetables prefer afternoon sun and the herbs do better in morning sun. For beginners, select three large pots with center drainage holes. Fill the containers with at least three inches of small rocks or pebbles to ensure proper drainage. Top the rocks off with a rich garden soil from your local nursery. Many are already infused with fertilizers. Designate one pot for herbs. The most commonly used are basil, oregano and rosemary. The second pot can hold two tomato plants and the third is a bonus for your favorite vegetable. Be aware that cucumbers and other vegetables that grow on vines require a lot more space than a pot can provide. Try green peppers or carrots.

Within sixty to ninety days your vegetables will be ready to eat. Grab a money saving coupon from Groupon and enjoy a fresh  manicure after all your hard and dirty work and get cooking! You will truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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