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Treadmill vs. Elliptical vs. Stair Climber

When it comes to cardio vascular exercise, there is a list of equipments and machines available which helps to burn calories, aids in muscle toning and improves overall fitness. Deciding upon the best machine among all is definitely a tough task as there is a list of pros and cons associated with each of the equipment. Thus in order to make the selection easier, we have compared three of the most popular machines viz. treadmill, elliptical and stair climber.



One of the most common and popular of all machines is treadmill. All the fitness settings whether it is a gym, a centre or a home based setup, a treadmill is considered to be a must have. Treadmill exercise is suitable for all as it enables walking, jogging as well as running depending upon your capabilities. The intensity, speed and incline of the machine can also be adjusted as per your needs and requirements. The legs and the gluteal muscles are majorly worked upon while using treadmill. The machine will prove to be a good choice for people who are looking for high intensity workout.

On the flip side, treadmill will not be a good option for people who are overweight as it is a weight bearing machine and moreover it will not be suitable for the ones with injuries and joint issues. The present day machines come packed with long list of additional features that helps to enhance your overall exercising experience. So always check for treadmill reviews before buying one.

Elliptical Machine:

Elliptical is considered to be the best option for overweight and people with joint issues because the machine has low impact as compared to treadmill. The ramps, resistance, motion and other features of the machine can be adjusted which offers variety to the workout and thus makes it interesting. Moreover elliptical machines also work on upper body along with the lower body and thus offer complete workout solution. Thus if you are looking for joint friendly exercise option that also offers challenging cardio vascular activities, elliptical will prove to be an apt choice. There is variety of these machines available in the market and it is advisable to get feedback from fitness equipment source before buying one.

Stair Climber:

Also known by the name of stair stepper, stair climber is also one of the popular machines that basically work upon the thighs, calves and gluteal muscles. This machine is perfect for people of all ages and capabilities as it is comparatively easy to use and offers intuitive motion. The impact of the machine is low and thus it puts less stress on knee and other joints. People with injuries in lower body parts need to take care while working on stair climber as it involves repetitive motion. Moreover you also need to check your posture while exercising and avoid supporting the weight of your body with arms else it will stress your elbows and wrists.

Thus it can be seen that treadmill, elliptical and stair climber have their set of pros and cons and selecting a machine among them depends upon your age, physical condition, stamina, personal choice and fitness goal. Though there can be nothing better than having a fitness regime with combination of all three.

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