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Health Tips

20 Healthy Ways To Use Pumpkin This Fall


Some call it fall and others call it autumn, but one thing we can all agree on is: It’s pumpkin season. From pumpkin-flavored coffee and smoothies to pumpkin-inspired cookies and granola bars, pretty much every food brand has capitalized on the pumpkin obsession. But you don’t have to purchase these products – many of which […]

Health Tips

This Variety Of Onion Contains Highest Amount Of Cancer-Fighting Compound


The study, published online in Food Research International, found that the Ontario-grown Ruby Ring onion has the highest quercetin levels of all onions. In addition, the red onion has high amounts of anthocyanins, another compound that enhances the cancer-fighting properties of quercetin. “We found onions are excellent at killing cancer cells,” said lead study author Abdulmonem Murayyan in a recent […]