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Want healthy skin? Then try our fact-filled checklist

Being in good health can mean a lot of things. Is it the right kind of diet? Well-toned abs? A smoothie a day?

In many ways it can be all those things – but, for some, good health only ever goes skin deep.

Want healthy skin

The appearance of your skin indicates whether you’re healthy or ill, getting all the vitamins you need or feasting on nothing but Domino’s pizzas. And few people want to look pale and clammy, as though they’ve never seen the sunlight.

People want skin to convey how healthy they feel – but it’ll take more than a daily workout to cleanse your pores.

With that in mind, we’ve formulated the perfect checklist to keep your skin looking bright and healthy.

Beat those blemishes

All skin types are cursed with embarrassing marks or strange blemishes. And if those marks are in an easy-to-spot location, your cringe-levels will hit their peak whenever you glance into a mirror.

But there are a multitude of lotions and potions to help blemish control and improve the glow of your skin.

Moreover, the cream of the crop (geddit?) can remove spots and blackheads before they’ve even formed. It’s like Minority Report for your face!

Hello H2O

Why drink boring old water when you can down Diet Coke by the gallons?

Well, with an unhealthy drinking schedule comes unhealthy skin. Whereas drinking an average of eight glasses of water a day will give your face the kind of glow associated with pregnant women.

This is because a regular intake of water increases the speed of blood flow, giving your skin an almost rosy look. Just don’t drink too much – you don’t want to be running to the toilet all day!

Lather up that skin

As the skin gets older, it inevitably begins to sag and wrinkle and pull. And while none of us can hop in a time machine to stop the effects of ageing, we can find ways to slow the strain of the years.

Moisturising every day is the key to keeping your skin in better shape. The pores feast on moisture, sucking it up like a plant with water. Skin will no longer dry and flake, but stay rejuvenated throughout the day.

Here comes the sun

Sunlight, when used in moderation, can be exactly what you need for both your skin and your body. Packed full of vitamin D, those life-giving rays will strengthen your bones – and who doesn’t love a great tan?

But a word of warning – too much sun can lead to skin cancer and sagging skin. So watch out!

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