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Emotional Toll Of Diabetes ‘Needs More Recognition’


Many people living with diabetes are struggling with related emotional problems – an issue that needs support and recognition, a charity says. Diabetes UK surveyed 8,500 people about diabetes and how it affected their daily life. Three in five said their condition made them feel down. Of those in employment, 16% felt discriminated against at […]


Millions Either Malnourished Or Obese In Global Nutrition Crisis


Almost every country in the world now has serious nutrition problems, either due to over-eating leading to obesity or a lack of food leading to undernutrition, according to a major study published on Saturday. Researchers behind the Global Nutrition Report, which looked at 140 countries, said the problems were “putting the brakes on human development […]


Pollution Linked To One In Six Deaths

Air Pollution

Pollution has been linked to nine million deaths worldwide in 2015, a report in The Lancet has found. Almost all of these deaths occurred in low- and middle-income countries, where pollution could account for up to a quarter of deaths. Bangladesh and Somalia were the worst affected. Air pollution had the biggest impact, accounting for […]

Diet & Fitness

5 Vegetables That Are Healthier Cooked


While the most important thing is to eat a variety of vegetables prepared in a variety of ways, sometimes cooked vegetables are better than raw. “Common wisdom says cooked vegetables have fewer nutrients than fresh ones, but that isn’t always the case,” says Amy Keating, a dietitian at CR. “Many nutrients in fruits and vegetables are […]

Diet & Fitness

The One Rainbow Food You Should Be Eating

Rainbow Food

In a world of unicorn lattes and mermaid toast, it’s sometimes easy to associate ultra colorful foods with artificial dyes. But nature has a bounty of color-rich fruits and vegetables to satisfy your desire for bright meals (and beautiful Instagram shots).   While perusing the produce section at your local grocery store, you may have […]