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Diet & Fitness

5 Vegetables That Are Healthier Cooked


While the most important thing is to eat a variety of vegetables prepared in a variety of ways, sometimes cooked vegetables are better than raw. “Common wisdom says cooked vegetables have fewer nutrients than fresh ones, but that isn’t always the case,” says Amy Keating, a dietitian at CR. “Many nutrients in fruits and vegetables are […]

Diet & Fitness

The One Rainbow Food You Should Be Eating

Rainbow Food

In a world of unicorn lattes and mermaid toast, it’s sometimes easy to associate ultra colorful foods with artificial dyes. But nature has a bounty of color-rich fruits and vegetables to satisfy your desire for bright meals (and beautiful Instagram shots).   While perusing the produce section at your local grocery store, you may have […]

Healthy Living

Tap Water Could Be A Major Tool Against Alzheimer’s


Lithium is known as a treatment for certain psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder, but new research suggests the naturally occurring chemical may also have the power to prevent or delay the onset of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists in Denmark found that high amounts of lithium in drinking water lowered the number of dementia cases in communities […]


Researchers Inch Closer To Peanut Allergy ‘Cure’


Could a cure for peanut allergies be close? Australia’s Shiny Health reports that in a new study, 82 percent of participants saw their peanut allergies cured within the first 18 months of treatment. Four years later, 80 percent of the participants still showed no signs of an allergy, and 70 percent passed a further test meant […]

Healthy Living

There Might Be Dangerous Chemicals In Your Tap Water — Here’s How To Stay Safe

Dangerous Chemicals In Your Tap Water

Remember the movie “Erin Brockovich”? Of course, you do. But unless you’ve rewatched it recently, you may not remember that Brockovich—in real life, and in the movie—was fighting a company suspected of polluting a small California town’s drinking water with a cancer-causing contaminant called chromium-6 (aka, hexavalent chromium). Fast-forward 20 years, and it may shock […]

Diet & Fitness

Increased Nut Consumption Linked To Weight Loss


There’s a long-standing and often-debated concern in the healthcare industry where professionals are critical of a wide range of nuts, given that some varieties of the energy-packed snack can provide up to 200 calories in a single serving. Over the last decade, especially, nut-based products have flooded the wellness and nutrition-based market, multiplying tenfold in […]

Men's Health

Texas Mosquito Infects Local Man With Zika Virus

Mosquito Infects

A man was diagnosed with Zika virus while living in Texas, the first infection transmitted from a local mosquito in the state this year, health officials announced on Wednesday. The man from Rio Grande Valley did not travel to other states or countries prior to his diagnosis, according to Texas Health and Human Services. He was […]

Diet & Fitness

3 Junk Food Ingredients To Avoid

Junk Food

Go ahead and eat your favorite forbidden snacks on National Junk Food Day, but we recommend avoiding these three questionable ingredients. Break out the Oreos and milk, because today is National Junk Food Day. Every year on July 21, people use this holiday with questionable origins as an excuse to eat their favorite snacks. Junk […]