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Aspirin May Help Regrow Your Rotting Teeth


Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have found aspirin could reverse the effects of tooth decay. The combination of a poor diet and poor oral hygiene inevitably causes tooth decay. Cavities can lead to tooth sensitivity and some pain near the root of the tooth; usually, a filling will help prevent further decay. Now, researchers at Queen’s […]

Healthy Living

The Health Risks Of Too Much Salt


Most Americans, including older adults, consume too much salt—or more accurately, sodium—than they should. In fact, a ­recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that those 51 and older average about 3,000 mg of sodium per day, twice what the American Heart Association recommends and about 30 percent more than the Department […]

Diet & Fitness

6 Herbs For Quicker Weight Loss

Bitter Melon

Being overweight raises risk for diabetes. Several animal studies show that animal diets supplemented with bitter melon reduce weight gain and fat accumulation. University of Hong Kong researchers placed rats on a high-fat diet with or without supplemental bitter melon extract. The animals in the herb group gained less weight and accumulated less body fat. […]


Stevia Could Offer Cure For Lyme Disease, Researchers Say

Stevia could

Stevia, a common coffee sweetener, could be a possible cure for Lyme disease after tests conducted by a Connecticut professor and her students showed it was most effective in treating the tick-borne illness. Professor Eva Sapi, chairwoman of University of New Haven’s Department of Biology and Environmental Science, and her students have been testing the […]


Increasing Reports Of Side Effects From Cosmetics


When you purchase a new eye shadow or shampoo, you expect those products will be safe and that they won’t cause skin breakouts — or worse.   Here is a $400 billion industry with millions of products and multiple controversies, but we only had about 5,000 adverse events over the course of 12 years,” Xu […]

Diet & Fitness

Lack Of Certain Foods Can Make You Blind


Do you with struggle with seeing in the dark? Do you often get sick and catch different diseases? Before you try to accept having a weak immune system and vision problems, ask yourself if you get enough Vitamin A in your diet. Vitamin A is crucial for normal body function, as it plays an important […]